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Jan 28, 2013 12:00pm PST
. >>shepard: thank you. cops in los angeles say the convicted woman beater, chris brown, is suspected in an assault of yet another major music store. now, chris brown and singer frank ocean say he is his latest victim. details on the investigation coming up. chris brown is good at some things but i see a pattern. >>shepard: convicted woman beater, chris brown, still on probation for assaulting rihanna is suspected in the assault of another singer. according to the los angeles sheriff deputy he is under investigation for assaulting frank ocean in a recording studio parking lot. according to tmz someone in the group of frank ocean started the fight but ocean tweeted that chris brown jumped him. of course chris brown is no stranger to trouble taking a bottle to the children during a cough goal with rapper's drake endodge and broke a window after throwing a fit at "good morning america" and we have author of "rethinking reputation." p.r. is not going well if chris brown. >>guest: next to the music of the eagles sea breeze is one of my favorites. as you suggest, there guy is antisocial, he
Jan 29, 2013 1:30pm PST
is in danger. just send the police, the po-po. god gles bless you. amen. >> if you're chris brown, you have to stay out of trouble. he has a terrible reputation. he was leaving a recording studio and frank ocean parked behind him so he couldn't get out. allegedly chris walked over and thought he was kidding and tried to shake his hand. apparently frank brought his posse with him and it turned into an all-out brawl and six men fighting in a parking lot in west hollywood. >> like a west side story. >> three guys on the ground and three on top of them doing their hair. frank tweeted first and said got jumped by chris and two other guys. >> he was noninged before the grammys. >> he wishes everest was here, that's his dog. >> if i was chris brown, i would have tweeted back. you don't have a cat? >> people hate [ bleep ]. >> when the police came frank ocean was the only one that was still there from what i understand. chris brown took to his instagram and said hey, listen. working on my album. not working on negativity. focus seeing your family. b.s. will forever be in the shadows. >> this was st
Jan 29, 2013 9:00am EST
. and on the other hand in the music world, chris brown is back in the papers again, singer frank ocean, alleges that he was punched. sent out a tweet saying he was punched by chris brown and a group of people outside a recording studio in west hollywood. so, tommy, recovering from flaws in your private life to go on to success in public. when it happened to tiger woods a lot of people said he's finished, he's done, he will never break jack nicklaus' record. we've seen it in the world of entertainment. is there a point where you're so talented that it overcomes anything that you've done in dwrour private life? >> i think you get to a point sometimes where everything becomes so under a microscope and then, unfortunately in the case of both of the two people you just mentioned, the situations were extremely difficult. you cannot deny the talent of chris brown or tiger woods. on the other hand. it becomes a difficult situation. >> does that hurt chris brown's popularity? he seems to turn out the hits. >> chris has been getting back there at this point in time. until this incident, who knows what th
Jan 10, 2013 1:30pm PST
they all point in one direction? >>> chris brown wants to sing with rihanna at the grammys. weird. usually, he delivers the hits before awards shows. >>> and the loser of last month's chubby buddy challenge is back in his bunny suit. >> they're making "anchorman 2" in atlanta, georgia. >> no, they're not. they can't make it because somebody stole $300,000 worth of copper wiring. >>> kevin garnett tells the knicks' carmelo anthony that his wife lala tastes like honey nut cheerios. >> at least he picked the tasty treat. >> it's way better than saying your wife tastes like marlboro lights. >>> khloe kardashian is selling her used underwear on ebay. >>> you did tell me you bought some used underwear before. >> no, they made me put the underwear on when i was in jail. >>> this is "dish nation." the i'm convinced the entire cast is certified crazy entertainment news show. coast to coast from new york. the ricky smiley show, atlanta and beyond. kidd kraddick, world champion from the heart of texas. kidd kraddick, world champion from the heart of texas. this is "dish nation." captions paid for by
Jan 29, 2013 2:35am EST
to that in a second. >>> and later this half hour, chris brown gets in trouble again, and los angeles police are investigating serious allegations involving another singing star. we'll sort all of that out in "the skinny." >> sorry. i needed a little sip. i needed to cool down after hearing that chris brown news. back in trouble again. he had the rihanna incident, he had some other stuff. then the "gma" incident more than a year ago. >> never ending for him. >> man, chris, get it together. get a new pr person. >>> let's get to some real news first. protesters in egypt have once again defied government orders and taken to the streets. >> the wave of political unrest began last week and spread to the rest of the country. now egypt's president is facing a major crisis. abc's lama hasan is joining us live this morning from cairo. good morning, lama. >> reporter: good morning, sunny. a sign that they're anticipating more violence today, the u.s. embassy is closed for business. yesterday there were clashes near the embassy, with reports of police firing tear gas at the protesters. we're getting in
Jan 29, 2013 4:30am EST
be trouble ahead for chris round. -- brown. find out who is accusing him of assault. there could be some more .rouble for singer chris brown someone intends to press against him for of a musicm outside studio in hollywood on sunday night. apparently the fight was over a parking space. eight we read, i got jumped by chris and a couple of guys. he sent an additional tweaks -- tweet which says he cannot -- cut his finger and use it to perform. actor tate daegis -- taye returned home from the screen actors guild awards to find a man in his garage, looking for items to steal. the burglar ran off, but did andthe actor caught up held himhe man and until officers arrived. >> more health problems for barbara walters. during theng , she is now recovering from chickenpox. whoopi goldberg said that walters never had them as a being allowedot any visitors. , is 83, is recovering and isw york hospital expected to go home soon. >> i wish her well. chickenpox are not comfortable. 4:57 is the time. still ahead, talk about a foul case. two men are accused of stealing $55,000 worth of chicken wings. [ male anno
Jan 28, 2013 12:00pm EST
. >> and why chris brown >> at the screen actors guild awards taking home top honors -->> argo, directed by ben affleck in the cia's thriller. i've been around long enough to deeply appreciate this kind of thing. it may not happen again. >> daniel day-lewis won for lincoln. jennifer lawrence won for silver linings playbook. anne hathaway won for lates mis. and tommy lee jones in lincoln. >> chris brown plunged grammy award nominee frank ocean sunday evening. an argument over a parking space. the fight started a brief fight between their entourages. now brown is being investigated for battery by the sheriff's department in santa monica. on "katie" today, tips to avoid being scamper while looking for love online. and she will share with viewers the claims that manti te'o was duped by online girlfriend. after day and at >> the worst of the weather has moved through. >> a warming trend over the next couple days and the potential to see those temperatures spike significantly. it depends on the sunshine tomorrow and wednesday. should there be more sunshine than we expect currently, it will be
Jan 29, 2013 2:05am PST
it's big news on the big screen or a brawl involving chris brown. what else is new? entertainment weekly's stud muffin tim stack has you covered. >> hey, baby. how are you? >> you had the popcorn popped. you were watching the sag awards. >> all by my lonesome. >> the sag started to lag. >> they were kind of snoozy to me. there were some exciting things, like "argo" won, which i can't believe. "argo," there was all that talk about ben affleck being snubbed at the oscars, and now they're winning everything. >> they are up for best picture, though. >> they're up for best picture. >> do you think speilberg is scared? >> yeah, i think so. the sag awards usually -- often predict the best picture winners, and ben affleck won the pga award. there was no -- >> yeah. >> the producers guild award. it's predicted the last five best pictures. >> crazy about that snow and so happy "downtown abby" won. >> we get it. homeland won the emmys. downtown hasn't won a lot of awards here. i was kind of shocked. also, it wasn't the season that people loved, season two. i think people loved season one. se
Jan 28, 2013 2:00am PST
for swipe. >>> first rihanna. then drake and now frank ocean. chris brown allegedly gets into another fight. that story coming up in our next half-hour, right here on cnn. no swipe fees here, people. all stations come over to mission a for a final go. no go call. this is for real this time. we are on step seven point two one two. we have entered our two minute hold. cabin venting has been inhibited. copy that. sys two, verify and lock. command is locked. flight computer state has entered auto idyll. three, two, one. the falcon 9 has launched. preparing for nose cone separation. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. discover card. cashbacashback concierge?! we have a concierge! i know; it's exciting! wow! what exactly is a cashback concierge? well there's lots of ways you can get cash back - i'm here to help you get the most bang-for-your-buck. it's a personalized thing from discover. it's easy, we won't try and sell you anything, and it's free. free? i want tha
Jan 28, 2013 6:00am PST
-- and you forgive them -- babies are chris brown is what i'm trying to say. >> chris brown is in trouble overnight. >> another chris brown deb be acle. >> he jumped frank ocean. >> not to be confused with jumping the shark. >> he jumped frank ocean in a recording studio parking lot here in hollywood. >> john: frank ocean is not a girl. he could kick chris brown's butt. apparently he parked in chris brown's parking space. >> is that what they're calling it now? [ laughter ] >> john: wow i thought after drake, chris brown learned not to get in fights with boys anymore. i can't wait until chris brown gets out of prison and writes his tell-all book. i get a lot of crap on twitter for the chris brown jokes. this guy has no humility. he choke and beat up a woman. he still deserves to be passed around the cellblock like a blunt at the source awards. we had a republican on the line. i want to go to keith in texas who is calling about -- i think immigration is going to be the big story of the week. keith is calling in to think% been what might be the story that affects our lives the most. good mo
Jan 28, 2013 11:35pm PST
story. the police are investigating chris brown's involvement in a physical altercation that allegedly happened last night. eyewitness accounts say he got in a fight with frank ocean of a parking spot and frank ocean says i got jumped by chris and a couple guys lol. is that usual lol after getting jumped by three guys. i go with an omg. chris brown is on probation for punching rihanna and frank ocean could press charges which could mean a trip to jail for chris brown over a parking spot. just like biggie and tupac. might be time to put chris in a hamster ball for his protection. the u.s. postal service raised the price of a stamp yesterday. stamps are something that the pilgrims used before we had the internet. it will now cost you 46 cents which is a bummer for me and the mail order bride business i was about to launch. some people are complaining about the price even though it's a penny more than the old price. it's one cent. you're not allowed to spend $4 on a cup of coffee and complain about a cent. for 46 cents you can send something to any house in north dakota that's a bargain.
Jan 31, 2013 2:35am EST
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Jan 1, 2013 5:30pm EST
relationship asking people are they or aren't they. chris brown, who beat his then girlfriend in 2009 said he renewed his friendship, but is it more than just friends? >> they want to keep everyone guessing and they don't want to explain what's going on with their relationship to anyone in the world. >> reporter: more turmoil for the jackson family last summer as michael jackson's teenage daughter paris announced that her grandmother and guardian katherine was missing. >> katherine jackson is back home. she said she wasn't kidnapped. >> reporter: a judge later restored katherine pass guardian of michael's children. >> whether it was a pleasure or guilty pleasure, audiences couldn't turn away from "here comes honey boo boo" about a child beauty contestant and her family. rap are psy, after his catchy dance style gangnam style caught the web. it shattered records online becoming the number one watched video on youtube with more than 970 million views. the new found fame wasn't without controversy. remarks he made in 2004 resurfaced online. he apologized saying his feelings were emotionally char
Jan 28, 2013 4:00pm PST
're wondering having a mikeo chip implanted costs only 45s oodz chris brown could find himself in trouble with the law again. >> rachel smith explains in today's entertainment report from on the red carpet. >> chris brown dmob not water following a fist fight with singer frank ocean. officers called to a scuffle sunday, witnesses say brown and ocean were tuesdayelling over a parking spot. brown is yet to comment but ocean tweeted, got jumped by chris and a couple guys. lol, i only wish everest was there, referring to his dog. and he told police he was returning from screen actors guild awards. he tackled him and waited and no one was hurt. >> no drama but plenty of smiles at the sag awards. daniel day lewis for for best performance in a lead role. >> there is no way i thought we'd win. i looked at other films, silver lining play book or lincoln or les mis. you can make 30 movies out of the cast in that one. >> and check out for all of the winners and you can make your picks, too. >> and you can see who wins on sunday, february 24th live right here only on abc 7. >> still ahead he
Jan 30, 2013 4:00pm PST
she stands with chris brown. >> mydg]lanket, teddy bear, other teddy bear and football. >> a room full of niners gear. a 7-year-old heart patient turned his hospital room into turned his hospital room into a 49ers n't wait for presidentsy to save on a new mattress. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now. save up to $500 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get a sealy queen set for just $399. even get 3 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. plus, free delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. keep more presidents in your wallet. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >>> breaking news in san jose. a house being used to grow marijuana thorkts say, caught nir afternoon. you're looking at live picture prz sky 7 as it happens. this is where you can see crews putting the fire out there. is a big hole on the roof. firefighters had to cut through the room they say they found heat lampes and other pair he kneela used to grow pot inside. it's a good siz
Jan 10, 2013 12:00am EST
int er $12 milio mansion they should -- >>wait a minute. hod up she moved -- chris brown lives in rihana's mansion? >>alegedy. that's what they ae saing. >> howmany nights does he spnd wih kauchi -- thats he love f my life. > i hik sh gotweeknd nvitation. >> rihannaan chris are al intermngin, man. i hik they'r a unoffical hresome. >>ohmyod they get dwn lke that? > in hollywood peopl d that. >> get dwnliketht? >>chicks dating hiks folks dressig up like bunnie >> lik awhole buchof suff one yo g holywood. > gagser bunies. > this is the very, very firt time ever that rihanna and chris brown perforedtogetheronthe sae stage? >> probably incethat fta day. >>it wasn't atal, gary >>it's fatl hen omone dis. >> d youknw th dfinitionof faal >> do yo man fteul >> i mean when somebody dies when smebody dieand he get ik oneter. kay. utyou havetw on his ide yesterday. earlier in the week yo had three n this sde ow yu ot one big oe. > that's a big ass tar did ou kill ik a fat dude? >> she was a lttle ft. >> you killed a gil? > doyo eve know hat 'm talkng abot? >> youknw wht hat tear reprsets >
Jan 21, 2013 5:00am EST
justice, thank you so much. >> there is was. it was very quick. now we'd like to welcome chris brown. he's here in our rooftop location. >> chris is director of public affairs and he has been going to parties, parties, parties, nonstop. we're so glad you're partying with us this morning. which parties did you go to? >> good morning. for the last three days it's been parties nonstop. i think really the first great party of this weekend was the iowa state society party as the national museum of women of the arts. they take a serious responsibility in choosing who the nominees are to be president. we saw governor o'malley was there and vice president biden. >> they're jockeying already for 200016? -- 2016? >> reporter: vice president biden showed up unexpectedly and said i'm so proud to be here as president of the united states. it was spectacular. >> oh, that is -- >> reporter: all the state societies want to do their own thing. of course the texas guys with the black tie. the big party at gaylord national. we saw the bluegrass ball from the kentucky state society and north north carolinia
Jan 31, 2013 1:40am PST
up next -- rihanna's reunion. >> why she decided to go back to chris brown. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our >>> rihanna on the cover of tomorrow's edition of "rolling stone" her cover article is titled "crazy in love." >> because it is about her reunion with chris brown. despite a lot of evidence to the contrary, she says he is a changed man. here's abc cecilia vega with more. ♪ i choose to be happy >> reporter: these days rihanna is happy in love and now opening up for the first time about her reunion with chris brown. in a new "rolling stone" interview, the mega star says she and brown are in a great place and she is not apologizing for it. she says, i decided it was important for me to be happy and i wasn't going to let anybody's opinion get in the way of that. even if it's a mistake, it's my mistake. it has been four years since that infamous night when brown left rihanna bloody and bruised. she described it to diane sawyer. >> he had no -- no soul in his eyes. just blank. he was clearly blacked out. there was no
Jan 28, 2013 10:00pm EST
. in washington beth parker, fox 5 news. >>> coming up next chris brown once again under police investigation, details of the alleged fight with singer frank ocean. >> next at 11:00 a heads up if you use mastercard or visa, who doesn't, the new credit card fee next on the news edge. [ male announcer ] verizon fios is the fastest internet in americaa. just ask pc mag. [ man ] "cable can't touch fios upload speeds." "it's hard to imagine anyone ever beating fios." "there's no doubt fios is the fastest in the country." [ male announcer ] after 110,000 speed tests, nothing came close to fios. and with fios you get unlimited internet use. period. because according to pc mag... [ man ] "if it's available, you should get it." [ male announcer ] last chance to get the fios triple play for an incredible price online of just $89.99 a month guaranteed for 2 years. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities and get $300 back at 800-974-6006 tty/v. with a 2-year agreement. >>> police are looking into allegations that singer chris brown assaulted singer frank ocean. los angeles police say brow
Jan 30, 2013 7:00am EST
why she reunited with chris brown. >> also ahead, the volkswagen super bowl ad. so many people saying it's racist. the country of jamaica has weighed in. many others online say they think it's funny. we'll talk to d.l. hughley about this all. >> he's terrific. >> we're going back to the days of "gaa." >> yes, inteed. one more kiss. then we'll talk. >> all of these animals are up for adoption. >> they were. >> except this one. >>> so many people crazy in love with this brand-new photo of beyonce. she put it out days before the super bowl. what is she planning to referee? we'll talk about that coming up. >>> we have "deals and steals" coming up. but sam has something to ask rubem. who is watching at home. >> can we have a puppy? can we? is that okay? is this one okay? >> it's out of my hands. it's over. >> i don't know. i don't know. >> here's the deal. we have the puppy bowl coming on right over there. we're all going to pick dogs to root for. >> can i root for whoever i want? >> here's the deal. >> i think everybody has their number. >> sam has number two. >> i have number four. >> nu
Jan 31, 2013 4:00am PST
of company b." >>> rihanna has officially confirmed she is back with chris brown. the two split in 2009 after brown severely beat rihanna but she's saying, quote, it's different now, we don't have those types of arguments anymore, end quote. >>> for the first time in 36 years, barbra streisand will be performing at the academy awards. no word on what streisand will be singing just yet. she'll be in good company with both adele and norah jones as well. >> that makes sense because she admitted to having a stage issue thing. >> she'll probably have them alongside her. got you. >>> and lindsay lohan's attorney seems to be quite a character when arrived in a black hummer sporting a license plate that says "i'm trying." she carried a louis vuitton briefcase that said "good luck." something she needs. >> lindsay needs to luck. her career is on the upswing. >> she is, clearly, bill. thanks a lot. i'm richard lui. this is "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. >>> there's a new cafe that opened in taiwan where pink is priority, shall we say. the first ever barbie caf
Jan 29, 2013 2:00am PST
out of iran. you have to be kidding me. this isn't good, guys. there are reports chris brown punched frank ocean yesterday. you know what that means? they'll probably be back together in nine months. >> well, "mean girls" fans have reason to celebrate. tina fey is looking for a new project. it may be a "mean girls" musical. she would like to do one. i'm sure lindsay lohan has her fingers crossed, too. >>> the actor arrived home to find an intruder in his garage. he chased the man and held him down. >>> disney put a hold on "star wars" 3-d after the first one was a flop. they said they would rather focus on the new trilogy of films. rick ross crashed his rolls-royce into an apartment building after hearing gunshots ring out. the rapper and female passenger were not injured in the wreck. it called attention to the threats made against his life.
Jan 31, 2013 2:00am PST
was known for this hit here, "boogie woogie bugle boy." >> rihanna confirmed she is back with chris brown. they split in 2009 after he beat ree an yachlt she said it's different now. we don't have those types of arguments anymore. >>> barbara streisand will be performing at the academy awards. no word on what she'll be singing yet. she'll be in good company. she'll have adelle a
Jan 28, 2013 12:00pm PST
or not alcohol was a factor. >>> singer chris brown is being investigated for a reported dispute over a parking space that turned violent. according to tmz, a brawl broke out in the parking lot of westlake recording studios. brown is accused of punching singer frank ocean during the fight. deputies plan to speak to brown who was placed on probation for the 2009 assault of his girlfriend, singer, rihanna. >>> journalist barbara walters has the chickenpox. the 83-year-old has been hospitalized for more than a week after taking a fall and hitting her head during an inauguration party in washington, d.c. doctors would not release her because she was running a temperature. and now they realize it was caused -- realize it was caused by the chickenpox. she's been transferred to a new york hospital. >>> the boy scouts of america is considering changing its policies as excluding gays as leaders and youth leaders. under the proposal it said it would not dictate a position on homosexuality. instead, leading the decision -- leaving the decision to the individual religious and civil groups that sponsor thes
Jan 17, 2013 9:00am EST
a "sick joke."he's exppcted to be firrt-round pick in theen-f-l draat thissspring. chris brown is due n court today... for a progress reportthearing on his 5-year probation sentence.thh singer's probation started -3 baackin 009... after pleading guilty to a feeony assault &pchargeefor attaccing then- girlfrienn rihanna. the probation includessa year-long domestic violence programmthat and 180 days of communitt &plabor. brown still has about a year and a alf left - on his probation. 3 olympics officals want lance armstronn to give back his brrnze medaa.armstrong wwn it at the 2000 olympic gaaes.the disggaced 7- time tour de france winner s expected to 3 during an interview with oprah that airs tonnghh. 3 &p3 most people havv phobia's f spiders or even & heights.... uttoneeohio teacher claims she has a phobia of ákids.á - 3 maria willard ued & to work at a high school... but was transfeered to a middle school beeause f a need for a sanish teacher. but willard filed a lawsuit claiming the transfer & her because
Jan 31, 2013 4:30am EST
known for that song "boogie woogie bugle boy of company b." >>> rihanna is back with chris brown. she said, quote, it's different now, we don't have those types of arguments now, end quote. >>> for the first time in 36 years, barbra streisand will be performing at the academy awards. no word on what streisand will be singing just yet. she'll be in good company with norah jones as well. >>> and lindsay lohan arrived in a black hummer for her probation hearing with a black plate sporting the tag "i'mtrying." everything is a character when it comes to this story. >> the discount rack -- >> exactly. >> maybe it seemed like he wanted publicity and he's getting it. >> los angeles, right? i'm richard lui. this is "early today." this, your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 5:00 a.m. >> good morning. we had a rough night last night. things are settling down this morning. temperatures in the 50's. we will drop into the 40's of this afternoon. a mixture of sun and clouds. it is going to be windy. w
Jan 29, 2013 9:00am EST
learned while playing the part of steve jobs. >> and dejavu for chris brown after he finds himself talking to the cops after a fight. the buzz bin is next. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just finished a bowl of your light chicken pot pie soup and it was so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant >>> actor ashton kutcher plays steve jobs in the up coming biopick jobs. he had to lose a significant amount of weight. he went on an all fruit diet. that may seem healthy and like a good idea but it actually landed him in the hospital. the actor says he was in the hospital with severe stomach pains which he learned were caused by problems with his pancreas. he has since recovered. the movie is set to be released april 19th. >> singer chris brown maintains he didn't start sunday night's brawl. 6 men were reportedly invo
FOX News
Jan 28, 2013 4:00pm PST
, pop star chris brown is now under investigation than assault on another singer. according to the los angeles county sheriff's department that other singer is multiple grammy nominee frank ocean and the assault took place in a recording studio parking lot. tmz reports that somebody in frank ocean's entourage started the fight but ocean tweeted got jumped by chris and a couple of guys, lol. i only wish every rest was there every rest is frank ocean's dog. of course, chris brown is no stranger to trouble. he is still on probation for assaulting rihanna. he also reportedly took a bottle to the chin during a scuffle with rapper drake's entourage at a new york city club. he reportedly broke a window after throwing a fit over good morning america. wall street's has been soaring lately doesn't seem to be doing enough for main street. we will break down the big gains and how soon before the experts say they may get folks back to work. plus, hostess might have found a new home for some of its iconic treats. we'll tell you which ones and when you and cavuto could pick up some of your favorites.
Jan 28, 2013 6:00am EST
of that crash remains under investigation. >>> new legal problems for music star and virginia native chris brown. we'll tell you what he's accused of doing. >>> ahead, the victims of superb san -- superstorm sandy -- >>> we'll tell you the >>> that is the sound of cold rain falling in leesburg, virginia right now. it is freezing on some tree limbs and power lines because of the temperature. luckily right now, some of the areas above freezing, but we could see a messy morning commute. >> the black ice will sneak up on you. you never know if there's a spot not so great. take easy. lots of delays today. hopefully that won't be the case for a lot of folks. let's check in with tom kierein. weather and traffic on the 1s. >> it's the elevated surfaces. even though rain is falling, it's freezing up on tree limbs, power lines, the bridges and lamb f ramps, over passes. maybe your sidewalk and front step may be getting icy. in northern montgomery county, panhandle of west virginia. all the areas in pink getting the rain freezing up on elevated surfaces. where you see the green, it's generally above freezi
Jan 28, 2013 11:00am EST
. thank you. >> 11:39 is the time. still ahead, chris brown accused of being involved in another fight. we're cooking chicken wings. one of the most popular finger foods on super bowl sunday. >>> you're watching news 4 midday. >> chris brown is under investigation for assault. he apparently got into a fight with a man over a parking spot outside a recording studio in west hollywood los angeles. the county sheriff's deputies responded to a report of six men fighting in a parking lot last night. the department says brown punched the victim. tmz identifies the man as grammy nominee frank ocean who later tweeted that brown and a couple of guys jumped him. deputies expected to talk to brown about the incident. >> good entertainment news now. hollywood is buzzing as ben affleck's movie "argo" takes home the top prize as the screen actors guild awards. >> first i want to thank my wife who i love. our kids who i also love. you know, and warner brothers who i love. not as much, but i love them. >> he has to love everybody. "argo" won outstanding cast. the sag version of best picture. he directed th
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